MLB Rumor Central: Could the Phillies deal Cameron Rupp?

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After a breakout first half, catcher Cameron Rupp Jerseys Jerseys May Jerseys have emerged as a valuable traDe Jerseys chip for the PhiLa JerseysDe Jerseyslphia PHill Jerseysies Jerseys Jerseys.

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Corey Seidman of CSNPHill suggests there could be a solid market for Rupp Jerseys, who is hitting .287 with 17 doubles, nine home runs and an .836 OPS.

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“Offense behind the pLa Jerseyste rarely has been more scarce than it is now, making Rupp Jerseys a valuable piece to have,” Seidman writes.

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Among the teams that could be looking for an offensive upgraDe Jerseys are the Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys Jerseys, who are without Francis Jerseysco Cervelli Jerseys Jerseys, as well as the CleveLa Jerseysnd Indians Jerseys Jerseys and Chicago White Sox Jerseys Jerseys. All three clubs rank in the bottom third of the majors in batting average and slugging percentage among catchers.


The PHill Jerseysies Jerseys must De JerseysciDe Jerseys whether they view the 27-year-old Rupp Jerseys, who is not yet eligible for arbitration, as their catcher of the future. It is a pleasant problem for general manager Matt Klentak given the Phils have two catching prospects, AnDrew Jerseys Knapp and Jorge Alfaro Jerseys, who are close to being major-League Jerseys ready.

“Trading Rupp Jerseys would make sense only if it nets the PHill Jerseysies Jerseys an intriguing pLa Jerseysyer they’re confiDe Jerseysnt can reach the majors soon at a position of need. If they get to a spot where it behooves them to De Jerseysal a catcher, moving Knapp might actually be the most logical Choice Jerseys,” adds Seidman.

Pitcher Jeremy Hellickson Jerseys Jerseys and outfielDe Jerseysr Peter Bour Jerseysjos Jerseys are among the veteran PHill Jerseysies Jerseys who could end up as traDe Jerseys bait in the upcoming Weeks Jerseys.