Year after crash, Cam Newton living life to fullest

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Cam Newton Jerseys’s meteoric rise over the last year has been amazing to watch. Though he has always been a top-tier quarterback, he is now firmly entrenched in the MVP conversation, with no other choices making much sense at the moment.

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Newton is starting dance crazes, wowing the people of Charlotte with his charitable efforts and leading the best team in football through an incredible run that hasn’t seen the team lose a regular-season game in more than a year.

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But Newton will probably agree that the best part of this last year is that he’s here playing at all.

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Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of a car accident that sent Newton’s truck flipping onto the local interstate. He was t-boned at a dangerous intersection near the team’s facility and taken to the hospital. Miraculously, it was revealed that Newton only had two small fractures in his back and he ended up playing soon after, leading the Panthers on a playoff push.

The Charlotte Observer has a great look back, including some quotes from some of Newton’s closest friends a year later.

The funny thing was how they could tell Newton was fine. He wore that trademark smile as he entered the ambulance.


“We knew he was good. From like the pictures wholesale jerseys, he was smiling,” Philly Brown Jerseys said. “They said he didn’t even really want to go in there. So we knew he’d be all right.”

That wholesale blank jerseys didn’t change the fact that Newton’s life probably flashed before his eyes.

This has to be an emotional benchmark for him.

“I’m looking at this truck and thinking someone’s cheap jerseys supposed to be dead,” Newton said at the time. “I couldn’t stop smiling.”

“I’m on somebody’s fantasy team, and I think it’s the man upstairs.”

For those who believe in such things, it was an unbelievable example of fate or luck or incredibly fortunate timing. But either way, Newton has taken full advantage of his past year.

Boxing, MMA help Adrian Peterson to be a better running back

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HOUSTON — When Adrian Peterson Jerseys’s trainer, James Cooper, says he treats Peterson like a fighter getting ready for a big bout, he’s speaking metaphorically.

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Cooper’s background in boxing and mixed martial arts has led Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings Jerseys Jerseys’ star running back, to incorporate some of it into his own training. MMA, in particular, has become a popular workout option for a number of NFL players, and a significant part of Vikings Jerseys defensive end Danielle Hunter Jerseys’s offseason regimen has included boxing at Peterson’s O Athletik gym in Houston.

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Adrian Peterson Jerseys, practicing with fellow running back Matt Asiata Jerseys, has incorporated some boxing and some MMA into wholesale jerseys his workouts. AP Photo/Jim Mone

For Peterson, sparring in a ring brings some direct benefits when it comes to carrying a football on Sundays.


“[It helps with] being patient,” he said. “[It’s] being patient and always having your guard up and always being prepared and ready for that attack. You get in the ring and you get sloppy, you start to swing too much, and you’re gonna get knocked out before you know it. By being patient and having a defensive mindset, you always have your guard up.”

Peterson said he has done more training with boxing than MMA, but he has tried some MMA because Cooper has suggested it.

“It’s fun, man,” he said. “It’s good for keeping the body flexible, for endurance as well, and hitting those fine-tuned muscles that you don’t know you have. Just within that [first] 20-30 seconds you’re going to be exhausted. You’re going to realize, ‘OK, it really takes a lot to be able to do this.’ And then you get in the ring with someone that’s experienced, and they are putting you in submission holds and locks and stuff. It takes it to a totally different level.”

Before Bellator 149 took place at the Toyota Center in Houston on Feb. 19, O Athletik hosted several fighters for a workout and media day. Cooper’s experience with the discipline means that MMA probably will continue to show up from time to time in Peterson’s workouts, as Cooper continues to look for ways to keep Peterson on edge. The boxing ring, Cooper said, is one inspiration for Peterson’s notoriously cheap jerseys ruthless running style.

“With Adrian, we’ll do things where we’re working on how to hit a guy, somewhat like boxing,” Cooper said. “The reason we box like that and spar is to teach him how to be combative with a defensive lineman — sometimes, hit him in the mouth, and the next play, go right at him, but then take a step over to the side as you go right at him. They’re going to brace for that load, and then you can make your move. And then, after that, make a double-move stutter and hit them right in the mouth. It’s several things that he can feel and understand. It gives him the mentality of how to be a true warrior on the fly.”