Ravens looking to play spoiler role once again

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The Baltimore Ravens Jerseys won’t be playing in the postseason, but they are trying to disrupt the path of as many division foes as possible.

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Last week the Ravens put a huge dent in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff hopes by beating their rival. This week they will attempt to ensure the Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys don’t earn a first-round bye — Cincy needs a win and a Denver loss to get the bye.

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“We’re definitely going out to ruin anything they’ve got going on,” cornerback Jimmy Smith Jerseys said, via the team’s official website.

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Ravens players have downplayed their possible spoiler role in recent weeks, as they’ve played three straight against playoff contenders. For most in Baltimore, having wholesale nfl jerseys little to play for at the end of the season is new territory — it’s the first losing season in John Harbaugh’s tenure.


“Spoiler? That’s a great question,” linebacker Elvis Dumervil Jerseys said. “This is my first time, so I really don’t know how to answer that question. We’ll see. Like I said all along, we will finish strong, and we will finish. You can book it, you can count on that — however you want to categorize it. We will finish strong.”

Credit Harbaugh and his staff for keeping a team decimated by injuries competitive in nearly every contest this season.

“It says a lot about our players,” Harbaugh said. “I wouldn’t even for one second think that that would happen with our guys. We have a lot of character. We have really good leadership in the locker room.”

Sunday they will try to ensure the Bengals can’t rest during the first week of the playoffs, likely forcing AJ McCarron to start a playoff game while Andy Dalton Jerseys continues cheap jerseys to rehab from a broken thumb.

Ruining another throwback jerseys wholesale squad’s season isn’t the dream scenario for any team, but the Ravens have played the spoiler role well so far.

Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t adjust for Jeremy Lin

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Confirming what was pretty clear at the time, former New York Knicks Jerseys coach Mike D’Antoni says there was some resentment among players during Jeremy Lin’s star turn in New York.

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D’Antoni, the new coach of the Houston Rockets Jerseys, said in an interview with The Vertical that both Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire were hesitant to change positions to play the way D’Antoni wanted to play during Linsanity.

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Mike D’Antoni said there was an “inherent conflict” as the Knicks tried to find a style of play that could suit all their stars.┬áChris Trotman/Getty Images

“The problem that we had was that for Jeremy to be really good, which he was, he had to play a certain way. It was hard for him to adapt,” D’Antoni said the interview. “Amare, Melo, whatever, kind of had to play a certain way, too, to be really, really good wholesale jerseys. So there was that inherent conflict of, ‘What’s better for the team? What isn’t? Can they co-exist? Can they not?’

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“And again, they could have co-existed if Melo went to [power forward], which he really didn’t want to, and Amare came to back up Tyson [Chandler at center], which he didn’t want to. So now it’s like, what are we going to do? We could see how to go, and I didn’t know how to get there, and with losing again and you’re trying to prod them and you’re trying to tell them to play harder and all the coach’s speak, and communication just like deteriorated.”


D’Antoni, who resigned in the final season of his Knicks contract cheap jerseys with a 121-167 record, said he had no ill will toward Anthony. But acknowledged that he and Anthony “couldn’t co-exist” at times during his tenure in New York.

“I had one vision that I wanted him to play one way, he kind of wanted to go the other way,” D’Antoni said. “I couldn’t get to my way. And then injuries [occurred], we weren’t winning, and then that complicated everything.”