Fan seeks catfish tosser via Craigslist for Predators playoff game

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The Nashville Predators jersey return home Tuesday night for Game 3 wholesale jersey of the Western Conference Final. And before the puck drops on their game against the Anaheim Ducks jersey, a Smashville tradition will likely continue.

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The tossing of the catfish dates back to the early years of the franchise, and one fan was looking for a little help on Craigslist to help fulfill a bet. Chris, first name only, made a wager with some colleagues that he would chuck a catfish onto the Bridgestone Arena ice should the Predators reach the conference final. Well, once they dispatched the St. Louis Blues jersey it was time for him to pay up.

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There was just one problem: he’s allergic to catfish. That curveball led to two options for Chris, according to his now-deleted Craigslist ad this week. Either Chris would get a catfish tattoo on his lower back or he had to hire a fellow Predators fan to toss a catfish before Game 3 or Game 4 this week.
wholesale jerseys from china The Craigslist post offered $75 to anyone who already had tickets to Tuesday or Thursday night’s games, and there are qualifications for the job. Sufficient strength to chuck a 2lb catfish over the glass. Stones large enough to stand there and fire up the crowd after the guts have splattered over the ice. Bravery necessary to smuggle a slimy dead catfish saran-wrapped to your belly through security. Willingness to be a God and go down in Preds history.
Cheap Michael Matheson jersey Bridgestone Arena’s website explicitly states, “The throwing of projectiles inside the Arena is prohibited,” but there have been enough flying catfish over the years inside that building that it’s obvious, like the octopi in Detroit, that while it’s not encouraged, it’s a *wink-wink* sort of policy.
Chris, who told The Tennessean that he’s received a large response to his ad, added that he’ll provide the catfish and saran wrap to help you smuggle it inside the arena. While it might be a stinky proposition, it’s $75 for beer money, and if they can sneak a shark inside HP Pavilion for a San Jose Sharks jersey game, a catfish shouldn’t too difficult of a proposition.

The sommelier of swat: Corey Dickerson is an unapologetic ‘bat freak’

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Before Corey Dickerson jersey became a budding All-Star with the Tampa Bay Rays jersey, he was recognizable for the company he kept. Upon arrival at the ballpark, he rarely went anywhere without a bat in his hand.

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When Dickerson wasn’t spraying line drives in the cage during his time with the Colorado cheap jersey Rockies jersey, he was roaming the clubhouse with a Tucci model TL-271 in his grip. Or sitting at his locker, holding the barrel with two fingers and lightly pinging at the top to locate the sweet spot. Or cleaning it with alcohol or tape remover to detect precisely where he made contact the previous game. Or weighing it. Or taping the handle, depending on how sore his hands were on a given day.

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navy blue vintage baseball uniforms MVP and Cy Young watch: Which Nats pitcher is No. 1?Washington starters competing for NL Cy Young? Could a split vote open a back door for a D-back as MVP? We track MLB awards two months into the season.
wholesale jerseys authentic With Mike Trout jersey out, Charlie Blackmon jersey is baseball’s best center fielderColorado’s bearded breakout superstar — known to his Twitter friends as Chuck_Nazty — is the lumberjack face of the game’s most surprising team.
baseball glove wholesalers Amid the daily maintenance, Dickerson was perpetually on the lookout for good wood. Since his days in youth ball, he had developed a Tony Gwynn-like obsession with bats and an appreciation for the damage he could inflict with the right model in his hands. Bats didn’t arrive in big boxes en masse from the manufacturer when he played in the minor leagues, so they were a precious commodity to be alternately hoarded or mooched.
“He’s definitely a bat freak,” says Nolan Arenado jersey, Dickerson’s teammate from Double-A ball to the majors. “If I hit a couple of homers, he would come to my locker and say, ‘Can I get one of these?’ So I’d give him one and he’d hit a couple of homers and I’d be like, ‘Hey, can I see one of your bats?’ And he’d say, ‘I don’t have enough.’ I’d be like, ‘What the heck? Come on, Dickey.’ He loves bats and he loves hitting.”
Based on the numbers, Dickerson is quite proficient at selecting the right weapon and knowing how to use it. At age 28, he’s that rare hitter who has taken his game to a different level after leaving Coors Field. After the Rays ranked 14th in the American League in runs in 2016, they are a surprising third behind the Houston Astros jersey and New York Yankees jersey this season. Dickerson, who arrived from Colorado in a four-player trade 16 months ago, is a big reason why. He leads the AL with a .342 batting average and 75 hits, ranks third behind Mike Trout jersey and Aaron Judge with a .603 slugging percentage, and just set a Rays club record with 44 hits in May.
Cliff Welch/Icon SportswireDickerson’s road to success has come with some adjustments. He’s had to experiment to find productive ways to fill the downtime between plate appearances as a designated hitter, and he’s grappled with the challenges of batting leadoff while staying true to his naturally aggressive approach.
In a world of hitters who eyeball pitches on the black and revel in deep counts, Dickerson is succeeding as the anti-Joey Votto jersey. Dickerson has swung at a major league-high 46.9 percent of pitches outside the strike zone this season. That’s more than 2 percentage points higher than the notoriously free-swinging Salvador Perez jersey, who has drawn 105 walks in 2,891 career plate appearance with the Kansas City Royals jersey.
Dickerson is thriving thanks to quick hands and a Vladimir Guerrero-like ability to crush balls that most hitters can barely reach. He recently doubled on a pitch from Texas starter Nick Martinez jersey that bounced before it reached home plate.
“He’s definitely a throwback, bad-ball hitter,” says Rays hitting coach Chad Mottola. “There’s nothing he can’t cover, even out of the strike zone.” Dickerson, a Mississippi native, played junior college ball at Meridian Community College before passing on a scholarship from Mississippi State to sign as an eighth-round pick with Colorado in 2010. His potential was readily apparent when he logged a .321/.379/.596 slash line in the minors and hit .299 with 39 home runs over three seasons in Colorado, but the Rockies eventually determined he was more valuable as a trade chip to fortify their pitching.
When general manager Jeff Bridich sent Dickerson and minor league infielder Kevin Padlo to Tampa Bay for reliever Jacob McGee and starter German Marquez jersey, it was almost an afterthought for fans and media members who thought Carlos Gonzalez jersey might be on the block.
Now both sides are benefiting. McGee is averaging 12.6 strikeouts per nine innings and Marquez has stepped in nicely to help the Rockies overcome some big pitching injuries. Dickerson, meanwhile, has rebounded nicely from a disappointing first season to become a focal point of the Tampa Bay lineup. Dickerson appeared in only 65 games with the Rockies in 2015 because of plantar fasciitis and a broken rib, and his abridged offseason workout regimen spilled over to 2016. He struggled with the transition to a new league, new pitchers and an unfamiliar clubhouse dynamic before posting an .855 OPS in September to salvage his season. He struck up an instant bond with Mottola, who replaced Derek Shelton as the Rays’ hitting coach in early September.
“Your teammates don’t know who you are, so you feel like you’ve got to prove yourself and show why they traded for you,” Dickerson says. “When I was struggling, I felt like, ‘Do these guys want me up here hitting (in this situation)?’ In Colorado, if I went through a little struggle, those guys knew what I was capable of, and they had seen me every day for the last couple of years. I know they trusted me and believed in me. I think that was the biggest hurdle for me.
“In the second half, I kind of let it all go. Chad came in and said, ‘Hey, I don’t want you to change your stance or be afraid to try different stuff. I want you to be you.’ That freed my mind up and I took off.”
“If I get 12 bats, I’m going to choose the best one to go up to the plate every single time. It’s about quality and the way it feels. This is how I make a living for my family. So why wouldn’t I pick the best piece of wood when I go up to plate?”
Corey Dickerson jersey on the art of choosing a batDickerson spent the winter making changes to his body to maintain the momentum from his late-season surge. He cut back on pizza, sweets and other guilty pleasures. He read books on fitness and exercise physiology and adopted a new training regimen en route to losing 25 pounds. He did Pilates in Tampa, and worked on his core and lower back with personal trainer Matt Espy. Dickerson even took a spinning class in his hometown of Meridian at the Jeff Anderson Health & Fitness Center, where he churned away to the accompaniment of AC/DC and other classic rock tunes.
“It was mostly girls in the class,” Dickerson says. Few of them knew or cared that a 2017 batting title contender was sweating buckets in their midst. The left-handed hitter has continued to make subtle changes to his approach, reducing his leg kick and shortening his swing to become less vulnerable against lefties and a bigger threat to do damage with two strikes. He’s hit 31 percent of his balls to left field, 37 percent to center and 32 percent to right, a breakdown that makes him difficult to defend. His .388 batting average against fastballs and .409 mark against breaking balls are testament to his ability to keep his hands back and still catch up to the heat.
His old Rockies teammates see the box scores each day without a trace of surprise over his gaudy stats. “Not at all,” says shortstop Trevor Story jersey. “He’s been one of the more special hitters I’ve watched. He’s one of those guys who seems like he was born to hit.”
Dickerson got plenty of mileage out of that Tucci 271 — a bat model he used for the entire 2014 season at the suggestion of former Colorado teammate Troy Tulowitzki jersey. Dickerson has since alternated between different Tucci and Marucci models and recently began favoring a Marucci DD10 in the 34-inch, 32-ounce range. Whenever a new shipment arrives, it’s like Christmas morning all over again.
“I’ve always loved hitting, since I was really little,” Dickerson says. “If I get 12 bats, I’m going to choose the best one to go up to the plate every single time. It’s about quality and the way it feels. This is how I make a living for my family. So why wouldn’t I pick the best piece of wood when I go up to plate?”
Time and almost 3,500 professional plate appearances have drummed home the most enduring lesson in the relationship: It’s less about the quality of the bat than the aptitude of the man who’s wielding it.

Buccaneers sign Ryan Fitzpatrick after brutal season with Jets

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A year ago, Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey was embroiled in a standoff with the New York Jets Jersey that was among the bigger summer NFL storylines. This year, Fitzpatrick quietly will sign with a team for which he has no chance of earning a starting chance.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey signed Fitzpatrick, 34, to be the backup to Jameis Winston Jersey, and it’s a solid move for the Bucs, who otherwise would have entered training camp without a backup with NFL experience of note following the free-agent departure of Mike Glennon Jersey Jersey to the Chicago Bears Jersey. Rich Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times first reported the news.

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Fitzpatrick signed a one-year, $12 million deal a year ago on the eve of training camp and was a disaster, throwing 10 interceptions in his first four starts (three losses) and eventually lost the job before returning to the starting lineup later in the season. Despite a handful of respectable performances scattered throughout the season, Fitzpatrick called it the most difficult year of his 12-year career.

ohio state football sports reporting If he makes the Bucs’ roster, this will be Fitzpatrick’s seventh NFL squad. He has thrown for 166 TDs and 133 INTs in 116 starts for the St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals Jersey, Buffalo Bills Jersey, Tennessee Titans Jersey, Houston Texans Jersey and Jets.

cheap youth jerseys nfl Of course, many will continue to wonder why Fitzpatrick would get a job prior to Colin Kaepernick Jersey, who remains unsigned despite possible interest from the Seattle Seahawks Jersey. That has yet to happen and yet still could, but questions remain about why seemingly lesser talents get work before Kaepernick does. That said, without knowing yet what Fitzpatrick signed for or what Kaepernick’s contract demands might be (or whether there’s something looming with the Seahawks, who might be a better fit), it’s hard to compare their situations apples to apples.

Still, Fitzpatrick has a job for now. After last season, it wasn’t clear that might happen. That’s how fast things change after many Jets fans breathed a sigh of relief that he was coming back last July. Funny how much can change in a matter of months.

Drew Brees: self-reporting concussions is tricky, might not tell his own wife

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Tom Brady Jersey Jersey’s wife Gisele set off a bit of a storm inside NFL, NFLPA, and Patriots offices this week when she casually disclosed that Brady had suffered one, and perhaps many more, concussions in recent years. The news came as a surprise since Brady has never entered into the NFL’s concussion protocol, as he would be required to do had he actually suffered a concussion. The problem is that many concussions must be self-reported, and as Saints quarterback Drew Brees Jersey Jersey noted later this week, that’s one heck of a “gray area.”

“When you’re in the heat of the moment, heat of the battle and it’s competitive, you do not want to pull yourself out [of the game],” Brees said on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday. “That’s why the concussion protocols are in place where you’ve got the independent neurological consultants and the trainers and the referees. Everybody’s supposed to be looking.”

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That’s certainly one approach, but it’s one the NFL and the players’ association are seeking to avoid, hence the investigation into Gisele’s words. Likely, that investigation won’t turn up anything of significance — Gisele isn’t a doctor, how could she diagnose a concussion, will likely be the prevailing theme — but the underlying point remains: if players can evade the NFL’s concussion protocol on “lighter” concussions, what good is the protocol in the first place?

nfl official jersey sports authority Brees noted that vigilance on every front is the key, telling a story of his days with the Chargers when he suffered a concussion but refused to leave the game: “I knew that something was not right. I knew that I was concussed,” he said. “But I didn’t take myself out of the game. I mean, I stayed in the game and played as long as I could until finally a coach pulled me aside and was like, ‘I’m looking out for you here, and you’re not gonna play anymore.’ … And that’s why it’s hard to change that mentality for guys.”

cheap women jerseys nfl As long as players are at risk of losing their job to more healthy teammates, they’ll conceal concussions and other woes. And as long as football exists, it’ll have the next-man-up mentality that leads to players fearing the loss of their job. That’s why there’s no easy solution to the concussion-reporting question … though that doesn’t mean the NFL and the players shouldn’t continue to work for solutions that have an eye on long-term health rather than short-term gains.

If Tom Brady can’t admit to a concussion, who can?

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If there is anyone in football who can disclose a brain injury without fear of repercussions, it’s Tom Brady Jersey Jersey.

He is undisputedly tough, undisputedly a team player, undisputedly a champion.

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So it’s important that the Patriots’ quarterback speak up following his wife’s admission in a recent CBS interview that he has had multiple undisclosed concussions.

youth football practice jerseys bulk This isn’t about a potential league protocol violation as much as it is about public awareness: It would do a lot of good to hear from Brady – even if he had no concussions at all – and it would be a missed opportunity if he kept quiet.

cheap seahawks nfl gear Look at it from the perspective of someone who works every day on head trauma awareness:

“By not revealing it, hiding from it, it contributes to, one, the stigma surrounding it, and, two, the notion that it’s no big deal,” says Mark Herceg, who is chair of the Westchester County Concussion Task Force. “That can be dangerous over time, especially for younger kids.”

Both the stigma and the silence came through in Gisele Bundchen’s interview. “He had a concussion last year,” Bundchen told Charlie Rose. “He has concussions pretty much every – I mean, we don’t talk about it. But he has concussions and I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through.”

“We don’t talk about it” is part of the problem, says Herceg, who is a sports neuropsychologist.

“I think when it comes to anything related to brain injury, however minor it may be, people get scared and don’t want to address it,” he explains. “They think if they don’t think about it, it will go away. No other part of the body or injury is handled this way.”

So it would be helpful for a lot of people if Brady did talk about it. Even if his wife misspoke, that itself would shed some light on the misunderstanding of concussions (which is also a problem). What are the signs and symptoms, and what aren’t? Many people don’t know.

Bundchen also touched on another important misconception when she said, “I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through.”

It’s certainly not, as any brain injury has the potential for short-term and long-term side effects. But Brady has taken a career’s worth of hits and he’s better than ever. Does that mean he’s immune from potential problems? No. But it is a reminder that the brain is resilient. Brady takes superb care of himself, and that boosts brain health.

Tom Brady Jersey Jersey and wife Gisele Bundchen have been married since 2009. (AP)More“The fear of having a brain change or be damaged causes anxiety,” says Herceg. “But we know the brain has plasticity and does heal if treated the right way when injured.”

That’s an important message. Admitting a concussion may feel like weakness in the moment, but it’s strength in the longer run. Any player who speaks openly about symptoms gives himself a better chance at a full recovery.

Of course there’s the other factor in this situation: deflate-gate. There’s a looming belief the Patriots are sneaky and deceptive. Admitting a cover-up of a concussion would give the NFL a cause for punishment, and give detractors more fuel for spite.

The NFL is looking into Bundchen’s claim, along with the NFL Players’ Association.

“We have reviewed all reports relating to Tom Brady Jersey Jersey from the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultants and certified athletic trainer spotters who worked at Patriots’ home and away 2016 season games as well as club injury reports that were sent to the league office,” the NFL said in a statement. “There are no records that indicate that Mr. Brady suffered a head injury or concussion, or exhibited or complained of concussion symptoms. Today we have been in contact with the NFLPA and will work together to gather more information from the club’s medical staff and Mr. Brady.”

Read MoreIdeally, if there were a concussion, the message from both player and league would be the importance of disclosure rather than the punishment. Hopefully that’s something the NFL is aware of in this case. The worst outcome is a chilling effect not only on players, but their loved ones. Bundchen should be commended, not chided.

Silence from both husband and wife is a possible outcome here. There may have been no concussion, Bundchen may have misspoken, and Brady undoubtedly wants a well-deserved, controversy-free offseason.

But this is still a chance for Brady to reach out to the football community. He can say he would be and will be forthcoming anytime he has concerns or symptoms. A Facebook post would do it.

There’s a lot of pressure on him. There’s pressure from within, and pressure from people who’d like to see him fail. He gets a ton of scrutiny, and a competitor like him does not want to yield.

But if Tom Brady Jersey Jersey can’t talk openly about concussions without worry, it doesn’t bode well for the countless athletes who wonder if they should.

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Steelers cut tight end Ladarius Green following failed physical

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey released tight end Ladarius Green Jersey on Thursday, the team announced. Certainly, this move is a surprise, as Green had participated in the most recent portion of OTAs with the team, but the reason why — designation failed physical — isn’t a shock.


A year ago, the Steelers signed him to a four-year, $20 million contract, and it appeared he was the natural successor Heath Miller Jersey at the position. But Green missed the first eight games last season following ankle surgery, and he missed the final two regular-season games and all three playoff games following a concussion.

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There had been hope he could rebound with the Steelers this season after flashing in his brief action in 2016. The fact that the Steelers failed to drat a tight end in April was seen as a good thing for Green’s future, as was the fact that two weeks ago he participated in phase 2 of the OTAs.

where to buy football gear in london Still, there was a report from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette just prior to the draft that the Steelers coaches might not have much hope for Green, and clearly Thursday’s transaction confirmed that. The team is suddenly a bit thin at the position, with likely starter Jesse James Jersey backed up by a slew of question maarks — Xavier Grimble Jersey, David Johnson Jersey Jersey, Ryan Malleck, Phazahn Odom and Scott Orndoff among them.

cheap retro nfl jerseys Green, who turns 27 in a few weeks, caught 18 passes for 301 yards and a touchdown in six games last season. That score came in his best game: Week 13 against the New York Giants Jersey, when he caught six passes for 110 yards. In five NFL seasons, Green caught 95 passes for 1,391 yards and 60 touchdowns.

Taking Green’s place on the Steelers’ roster is running back Terrell Watson Jersey, who has spent time with the Cincinnati Bengals Jersey, Cleveland Browns Jersey, Denver Broncos Jersey and Philadelphia Eagles Jersey the past few seasons.

Rain delay: Opening of Rams, Chargers stadium pushed back a year after wet weather

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So here’s a new one: the opening of the Inglewood, California, stadium that will be occupied by the Los Angeles Rams Jersey and Los Angeles Chargers Jersey will be delayed a year because of heavier-than-usual rain.


Developers told Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times that the rains came at the worst possible time for the project, the excavation phase.

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A wheelbarrow sits at the site of the former Hollywood Park in Inglewood, Calif., where a stadium for NFL football Los Angeles Rams Jersey is being built. (AP)MoreThe Times reported that from November to February, Los Angeles International Airport, which is close to the stadium site, got 15.4 inches of rain, which is more than double the average amount for those three months.

used youth football jerseys for sale The precipitation came during the site excavation, and brought the project to a standstill for two months. The massive hole that was dug and which will eventually hold the stadium, became a lake, as water as deep as 15 feet filling it.

cheap nfl women jerseys Once the rain ended, the lake had to be drained before work could begin again.

Despite planning for 30 days of work being lost to rain over the three-year project, there has already been twice that lost. Developers said that time can’t be made up, in part because the construction timetable was already ambitious and also because the stadium is slated to be home to two teams, which makes scheduling even more difficult.

“If this had been a one-team facility, perhaps we could have made up work or at least petitioned the league to allow some of the games of the [2019] season to be scheduled away from Inglewood,” said Dale Koger, senior vice president and managing director for Legends Project Development.

So the Rams will stay at the LA Coliseum through the 2019 season (their initial contract with the University of Southern California included an option to do so), and the Chargers will play one more season at the StubHub Center in Carson.

Currently, the stadium is slated to host the Super Bowl LV in 2021, and while that is not in jeopardy, there is one thing that will need tending: by NFL rule, stadiums are supposed to be open two years before they host a Super Bowl, likely to make sure any issues have been smoothed out.

A waiver from the league would be needed. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport noted that MetLife Stadium was granted a waiver before hosting Super Bowl XLVIII because as an open-air stadium it wasn’t 50 degrees or warmer in the month leading up to the game.

How two Germans almost bought Ravens’ stadium over unpaid water bill

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A strange story caught our eye late Wednesday night: It appears that an unpaid water bill allowed German investors to briefly claim rights to owning the Baltimore Ravens Jersey’ football home, M&T Bank Stadium.

The $5,200 bill was in arrears, which allowed the real-estate investors to purchase the lien on the stadium on Monday (as well as the Baltimore Orioles’ Camden Yards) and — for a few nervous hours — it appeared they might have the right to claim ownership of both prized buildings if the debts remain unpaid, according to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

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Still, this is a pretty unfortunate and embarrassing error. This is the kind of thing that typically happens to the Browns or Jets, not the Ravens. But achtung! (That’s German for “stay woke.”) The point of the story, we think, is that with bureaucratic error, anyone can be a victim.

sports authority nfl women’s jerseys It also hearkens back to an amusing story from the Ravens’ first year in Baltimore in 1996 when local officials tried to hit the team on water bills from its run-down former headquarters (where the Colts used to train) that had gone unpaid back to when it was a police-training facility.

cheap nfl retro jerseys “A month after we opened at the building, the water bills hadn’t been paid for seven or eight years,” former Ravens director of facilities Chuck Cusick told Shutdown Corner last summer. “They showed up with a massive bill and wanted us to pay it. They figured, it’s an NFL team, they’ll cut us a check. Yeah, right. Obviously, that didn’t fly.”

But hey, this recent development does have an interesting parallel to current league interests in a way. NFL officials have hinted for years that Germany might be the league’s next frontier for international expansion. It appeared for a brief moment that we might have the Baltimore Helmuts redesigning their logos in due time. We actually think Justin Tucker Jersey Jersey should add an umlaut to his name, which would look pretty slick.

TüCKER. That would sell like schnitzel in our minds.

The reported price, too, was stunning: a mere $21 million for the 71,000-seat venue. Heck, the real estate it sits on alone is certainly worth more than that. The German investors had a little fun with the whole thing, even if Baltimore officials found no humor in the fairly embarrassing snafu.

“We already told them we will switch it to a soccer place, we will sell it to a German soccer team,” one of the investors, Herbert Baeuerle of Home Trust Inc., joked via Marketwatch.

It’s all water under the bridge now, but it had to make a few Charm City folks less than tickled when it first crossed their desks.

NFL and NFLPA will look into Gisele’s claim of Tom Brady’s concussion

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This Tom Brady Jersey Jersey concussion story better not end up with Ted Wells doing another 250-page report, circular arguments over destroyed cell phones and various supreme courts getting involved.

Brady’s wife Gisele opened up a can of worms with a CBS interview that was released on Wednesday. She said Brady had a concussion last season. It isn’t a huge shock that an NFL player suffered a concussion, except in Brady’s case it was never reported anywhere. That’s a no-no, with the NFL’s injury report rules.

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“I mean, he has concussions pretty much every — we don’t talk about it, but he does have concussions.”

replica american football jerseys uk That raised eyebrows for a few reasons. One, it’s Brady, the biggest name in the sport. Two, it’s the Patriots, and folks will use any excuse there is to accuse them of skirting rules. Also, the concussion issue is always a hot-button item. And, on top of it all, it’s mid-May and there’s not a ton of NFL news. Voila, instant story.

cheap nfl patriots gear The NFL put out a release on Wednesday saying they have no record of Brady suffering a concussion, or of him reporting any symptoms. The league said it will team up with the NFLPA to look further into the matter.

The NFL released a statement after Gisele Bundchen’s comment on CBS that Tom Brady Jersey Jersey suffered a concussion last season.

— Doug Kyed (@DougKyed) May 17, 2017

The problem with all of this is Gisele isn’t exactly qualified to diagnose concussions, and her statement is so vague (“we don’t talk about it”) that it’s pretty clear this won’t go anywhere. You think Brady is going to cooperate with the NFL and tell the league his concussion history after what went down with deflate-gate? Ha.

Did Brady not tell the Patriots about a possible concussion? Perhaps. Are we so naive we think this doesn’t happen on a regular basis around the league? If Brady did suffer a concussion — and just because Dr. Bündchen said he had a concussion doesn’t make it fact — there’s no way the NFL is going to figure it out. This isn’t the Richard Sherman Jersey knee injury story. Now, if the NFL finds out that the Patriots knew about a concussion and purposely withheld that information (there is zero indication that happened, by the way), then it’s worth going crazy about. Good luck cracking that case.

For now, all we have is Brady’s wife saying he had a concussion. The NFL will look into it, and probably find nothing. And players will probably keep hiding concussions, no matter how much the league doesn’t want that to be the case.

Tom Brady Jersey Jersey and Gisele Bundchen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit gala on May 1.